Level 5 Apprenticeship Early Years Lead Practitioner


The broad purpose of an Early Years Lead Practitioner is to be a proactive and influential practitioner, working directly with children and skilfully leading day-to-day practice at an operational level.

Early Years Lead Practitioners are highly skilled professionals who take an operational lead for the care, learning and development of all young children within their care, adapting to individual needs and providing inclusive and holistic provision.

The L5 Early Years Lead Practitioner is designed to cover all the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours of the Apprenticeship Standard.

Topics covered include:

  • Child Development.
  • Legislation and Guidance.
  • Leaderful Practice.
  • Observation and Assessment.
  • Safeguarding.
  • Reflective Practice.

The resources are broken down into bite-sized chunks and include:

  • a series of workbooks;
  • interactive resources;
  • automatically graded knowledge checks; and
  • assessments.

All resources are developed to be fully accessible and inclusive.

The resources can be accessed online via a browser or from mobile devices using our app.

Business Customers

Our system includes a wide range of reports and logs to help your teams monitor and track learner performance and engagement.

If you have your own Learning Management System which is LTI compliant, you can access the resources from within that system, negating the need for learners to log on to two platforms.

If you would like a demonstration of the resources and the platform, contact us to arrange it.

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The licence duration for this course is 18 months
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