Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Uncover a wide variety
of subjects and topics

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Our extensive catalogue of CPD modules covers a wide variety of popular subjects and vocational topics.

Our range of CPD modules have been specifically designed to provide a combination of subjects, ideas and approaches that will support you in continually updating and upskilling your employees with their own learning and growth. Our curriculum team ensure our content is constantly updated to reflect the latest change in legislation or policy.

Providing a comprehensive suite of online, easily accessible and interactive CPD and compliance courses our curriculum team ensure the below:

Ensure all the content is kept up to date, relevant and reflects current legislation.
Ensure each module provides a certificate of achievement and a digital badge.
Provide self-marking modules with a minimum pass rate that is automatically recorded.
Ensure all materials are accessible on the go from a laptop or smartphone.


Whether you are looking for specific CPD courses related to the Childcare, Health and Social Care or Business Services sectors, individual courses aligned to support knowledge of compliance and legislation for your staff or enrichment modules for learners, our in-house curriculum design team continue to develop and enhance our dynamic range of informative modules which are continually updated.

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Compliance CPD

In our ever-changing world of regulation and compliance, it is essential that employees are trained and supported in accessing the latest resources in the most efficient and productive way, to make sure you stay ahead and protect your business from risk and penalties.

Our comprehensive suite of compliance content is regularly updated to reflect changes in regulation and legislation, so you do not have to worry.

Accessed via our Learning Hub platform, learners have pre-built knowledge checks, digital badges and certificates of achievement, and you have reporting and progress checking all in one place.

Our CPD Courses

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