Top 5 Apprenticeship Myths: Busted

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Apprenticeships are a great career opportunity, however there are many fibs and rumours surrounding them, and whether they are actually a good way to begin your journey to a successful career. In this blog, we are going to be tackling the misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships and set the record straight by pointing out some common mix- ups about the career pathways.

1. “Apprentices are low paid”

This is becoming more uncommon every day, with the apprenticeship minimum wage rising by 9.7% last April. Recently, there has also been update of another increase this time being 21% to from £5.28 to £6.40 next April. However, apprenticeship wages will depend on a variety of things like the apprenticeship level, the industry you’re applying for and the employer themselves.

2. “Apprenticeships are for people who don’t do well at school”

Apprenticeships are an alternative route into employment, where you can gain a qualification up to a degree level. They are for everyone regardless of your academic background, it’s about finding what starting level is right for you, which is why there are a variety of levels starting from level 2, with entry requirements. It’s also about finding the best learning style for you. An apprenticeship is a work-based route, which can suit practical learners, or people who want to gain industry experience. You can also combine a degree with an apprenticeship if you’d like to experience the apprenticeship route and get a degree at the same time.

3. "Apprenticeships are only available in vocational industries”

A variety of different industries provide apprenticeships, and more industries are getting involved as the world advances, like business, marketing, and journalism. Aspiration Training, however, provide apprenticeships in sectors Dental, Early Years and Adult Care. Although if you are interested in the ‘stereotypical’ vocational paths like construction, hair and beauty, or engineering, these apprenticeships are very much available too. Remember that everybody is different, and your career choices will differ from other people, it is all about choosing the right route for you.

4. “Apprenticeships are only for school leavers/young people”

This is not true. There’s no age limit for an apprenticeship, if they are above the age of 16. They are a great opportunity for people of even older ages, however it may be of interest to younger people more because of the benefits of being able to earn and learn at the same time, as they are used to an educational setting.

5. “Apprenticeships will not begin a real career”

An apprenticeship is an alternative route to university to begin your desired career, where you can earn and learn rather than just learn. After your apprenticeship, you gain a qualification which can progress you into your career and over 90% of apprentices, according to the gov website, do go into work or further training. It is not guaranteed, but there is also a chance to stay with your apprenticeship employer after the apprenticeship.

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