The secrets to a successful apprenticeship: How to stay on track

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Completing an apprenticeship is a big commitment, from just 16 years of age you could be juggling education alongside a full time job. It’s worth the hard work though, with the ultimate aim of learning new skills, gaining a qualification and hopefully, being offered a permanent job at the end of it all.

How to stay on track on your apprenticeship

With so much to think about, and this potentially being your first step into the real world of work, how do you stay on track to ensure your apprenticeship is successful?

We spoke to a number of apprentices that have successfully completed their courses, and they had this advice to share:

  • Ensure you know all of your deadlines in advance and get organised. You will follow a study programme that is set by your apprenticeship provider, however remember it won’t be like going to school every day – you’ll have to set your own time aside to study and make sure you keep on top of your deadlines. You might think you’ve got plenty of time, but it’ll soon creep up on you! When you first get your study programme, set yourself your own timing plan so you don’t find yourself in a last minute panic.
  • Make sure your employer is aware of your apprenticeship status, right from the start, and throughout the entire programme. Having an engaged and supportive employer is key to completing a successful apprenticeship. Keep them updated with what you’re working on, what deadlines you’re working to and what is required from them. They might decide to tailor what you’re working on based around your course content at certain times of the year.

  • Don’t just learn what’s listed in your programme. You will have set topics and modules but take an active interest in the wider industry and the business in which you work in. Do this by engaging in conversations at work and undertaking your own research on things you haven’t heard of before. You’ll finish your year a much more rounded individual.

  • Use this opportunity to start building your own personal network. Over the year you’ll be dealing regularly with people in your business, on your course and from your apprenticeship provider. Get yourself a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with these people, the aim is to get offered a permanent job within the organisation you’re completing your apprenticeship for, however, should that not happen, you will have a network of other people within your industry that you can reach out to.

  • Don’t be scared to shout if you’re struggling, ask questions and ask for support – this is the only way you’re going to learn and grow. Ask your manager, ask your colleagues, or speak to other apprentices if you don’t understand something, you want to know more or you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the deadlines. Lean on the business and your apprenticeship provider, that is what they are there for, and they are committed to helping you.

Whether you’re already in the middle of an apprenticeship or thinking about embarking on one, we hope these tips help you ensure you complete it successfully.

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