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As an apprentice, you will be entering a learning journey where you'll gain hands-on experience and develop valuable skills. Since we all have unique ways of absorbing and processing information, we all have different styles of learning that will assist us during our learning. These styles and techniques maximise your learning and help you make the most out of your apprenticeship.

  1. Visual Learner

If you are a visual learner, you will be able to utilise visual techniques and take advantage of diagrams, charts, and graphs. You can create your own by using tools like Excel, or find resources online, which will be a set out template already done for you. You can also create your own mind maps and try sketching and drawing to help brainstorm ideas and improve your understanding. As a visual learner, you might find that watching videos can be helpful whether that be tutorials on a course or videos on YouTube. For help with retaining information, flashcards will most likely be the best technique for a visual learner.

2. Auditory Learner

A way that you can make the most of your learning experience as an auditory learner is by recording information and listening later, whether that be from your tutor or in meetings, but with permission. To enhance your understanding, you can engage in group discussions to talk through concepts and ideas as you hear different perspectives and explanations. You can listen to podcasts and audiobooks which are related to your apprenticeship or studies. Other methods also include verbal repetition and cues, where you can repeat points out loud and highlight key phrases when taking notes.

3. Practical Learner

Practical learners learn the best when they are hands-on. Being an apprentice, means that you are working along-side professionals and gaining real experience, which is already a benefit for practical learners. Get involved in practical activities that allow you to apply to what you’re learning. Whether that be experiments or real-life scenarios, as you are actively engaging in the subject matter. It’s also important to connect with professionals as they can provide you with valuable practical knowledge.

Now that you have this knowledge about learning styles, you can tailor your approach to learning during your apprenticeship. Whether it's using visual aids, recording, and listening to discussions, or actively participating in practical tasks, there are plenty of techniques you can explore to make your learning experience more engaging. Remember, learning is a journey. It's all about finding what works best for you, so you can trial out all of these techniques to discover what suits you best. To use these learning styles and techniques as an apprentice, click here and apply for an apprenticeship with Aspiration Training.

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