Exam season: Coping with the pressures of exams

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Exam season can be a stressful period for everyone, whether you're in school, college or even an apprentice. It is expectedto feel this way, as exam stress is a common challenge for many people, but there are ways to ease the pressure during this time period and help with the way that you may be feeling. Don't hesitate to try out our top 3 tips below if you find yourself struggling:

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is a great way to reduce your stress levels. Planning in advance can include breaking down your studying into manageable sections, setting realistic studying goals and creating sufficient time for exam preparation. Creating a study schedule is also an efficient way of planning your time over the exam period. This could consist of revision sessions, whether at home or school, the specific topics that need to be revised, and time for self-care and regular breaks. This will make you less likely to do any last-minute cramming and have any overwhelming feelings. Having a sense of control over your studying can also boost your confidence in your exams, making it a positive experience overall.

2. Talk with friends or family about the way you feel

A way that can be really beneficial when dealing with exam stress is sharing your thoughts and emotions with loved ones. This can provide a sense of support, understanding, and comfort during the challenges of this time. It can help you feel less isolated, validate your feelings, and provide a different perspective on any negative feelings to do with your exams. In addition, discussing your stress with others can often lead to helpful advice and coping strategies, which can help you manage your stress more effectively and feel less overwhelmed.

3. Don't compare yourself to your peers

Everyone has their own strengths, weaknesses and different ways of learning. It's better to focus on your own progress and growth rather than comparing yourself to others, as that can lead to feeling more pressure. Focusing on your owngrowth allows you to concentrate on your own personal goals and improvement, which can increase your motivation without being put off by someone else's journey. Exams are a reflection of your knowledge and effort, and each person's journey is different, so comparing yourself to others is unnecessary stress and a distraction from your own studying priorities.

We hope these tips can help to make this exam season a lot easier for you, remember that managing exam stress is about finding what works best for you. Exams are important, but our mental health comes first. To be able to use these tips during an apprenticeship, click here and apply for an apprenticeship with Aspiration Training. Good luck to everybody sitting their exams!

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